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Wall Décor Disasters and How to Fix Them
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Wall Décor Disasters and How to Fix Them

Shaynna Blaze shares her tips on how to convert outdated walls into modern marvels.

How to Select the Perfect Window Furnishing

By Shaynna BlazeOn 5 Mar

LUXAFLEX® Window Fashions are Shaynna Blaze’s top choice in home redesigns.

How to Choose the Perfect Colour for Your Home

By Shaynna BlazeOn 5 Mar

Fear getting it horribly wrong when it comes to choosing the right paint for your walls? Take the fear out of guessing with expert tips from interior designer Shaynna Blaze.

10 Tips to Declutter Your Kitchen

Kitchens are the heartbeat of many homes, but if they are cluttered and chaotic, these epicentres of entertaining can prove difficult to navigate and an embarrassing eyesore. These top tips will have your kitchen sorted.

Small House Storage Solutions

By Shaynna BlazeOn 4 Feb

Do you live in a small property and are you in desperate need of more storage space? Shaynna Blaze shares her top tips and expert advice.

Top Tips and Secrets to Declutter your Home

By Penelope QuinnOn 14 Jan

If you find yourself drowning in a tsunami of stuff, you're not alone. Many of us yearn to live more with less, but don't know where to start. Here are some creative ways to declutter that will overhaul your life!

Easy Makeovers to Transform Your Home

You don't have to do a lot to make big changes to your home. There are plenty of simple and affordable ways to add value and make it a bit more liveable.

Shaynna's Tips to Style Your Bedroom

It’s important to get the right bed for you, your kids and for your home. From the master bedroom down to the all-important sleeping and play zone for the children, Forty Winks has all bases covered. Take a look at Shaynna’s top picks featured for space-saving kids beds and adult retreats!

Top Tips to Make Over Your Bedroom

The bedroom is a place to rest and unwind, and a good night’s sleep is crucial to total wellbeing. Take a look at Shaynna Blaze’s top tips and picks from Forty Winks!

Forty Winks Inspires with its Summer Collection

A stylish sanctuary awaits thanks to Forty Winks’ summer bedroom range. Lifting the lid on great storage options, on-trend upholstered bed heads, timber features and space-saving bedroom solutions for the little ones, you can shop your style and dream big for your comfort zone.

Top 20 Uses for Coconut Oil in the Home

Coconut oil isn't just a cooking or beauty product, it can also be a versatile tool when it comes to cleaning. Here are the top 20 uses for nature's wonder oil in the home - and some of them may just surprise you!