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Tips to Decorate a Small Outdoor Space
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Tips to Decorate a Small Outdoor Space

Shaynna Blaze shares her tips for creating an inviting outdoor area when space is tight.

How to recycle CDs into a beautiful mosaic

By Penelope QuinnOn 16 Oct

CDs are going the same way as the VHS – but don’t throw them out, recycle them with this idea that makes the best of those magical hyperbolic rainbows!

15 Halloween Hacks to Trick Out Your House

By Penelope QuinnOn 9 Oct

It's a holiday steeped in tradition, but these days Halloween is simply a fun excuse to raid the fancy dress store. Throw a creepy party and indulge in some spooky fun with ideas that will give your guests ghostly chills.

The Best Plants for a Window Sill

You may have a big green thumb, but only a tiny windowsill to take it out on. Fear not. There are small plants that can make big impact anywhere. Here are the tips - from soil to sun - on how to get the most out of your window dressing this spring

Top 10 Ways to Fill Your Home for Free

Forget Free Love, this is about Loving Free! Kirstie Allsop shares her top tips on how you can totally revamp your home, without breaking the bank.

How To: Give your Home a Seasonal Makeover

By Shaynna BlazeOn 8 Sep

Shaynna Blaze shares her top tips on how you can shed the heavy layers of winter and give your home a seasonal makeover this spring.

Décor Disaster: Shaynna's Transformations

By Shaynna BlazeOn 27 Aug

Check out some of these memorable transformations from resident decorating expert Shaynna Blaze!

How to Buy the Perfect Couch

‘Couch time’ is good time. It's the green light for having nowhere to go and nothing to do… and who doesn’t love that? Follow these expert tips to ensure your sofa selection combines comfort, current trends and an ultimate place to curl up.

New Ways to Display Plants Indoors

By Shaynna BlazeOn 6 Aug

Shaynna Blaze shares her tips on how to bring the outdoors in this spring with some interesting and unusual ways to display indoor plants.

Awesome DIY Lampshade Ideas

By Penelope QuinnOn 4 Aug

If a touch of light and atmosphere is just what your home needs, but you don’t want to go out and spend a lot of money, then fire up your creativity and make your lampshades!

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