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Grow, Sew, Make, Bake!

Grow, Sew, Make, Bake!

Kick Off your new year with The LifeStyle Channels and let us inspire your creativity. Across all four Channels, we're going back to basics and finding the joy in all things hand-made.

Top Homeware Trends for 2015

By Tara Dennis On 23 Dec

2015 is shaping up to be a colourful year for interiors with prints, pastels and metallics, all taking centre stage. Here are the top trends you should know about.

How To Style Your Christmas Table

The tree might be your Pièce de résistance, but to really make your Christmas a memorable one, it pays to put some effort into a beautiful Christmas table setting! Follow these 11 practical tips.

Luxaflex Window Fashions for your Home

With over 60 years of experience in the Australian market, the premium range of LUXAFLEX® Window Fashions is as unique as it is innovative, having evolved over the years to suit the climate and architectural styles unique to Australia.

10 Christmas Tree Fails

By Penelope QuinnOn 2 Dec

Not everything goes to plan over the festive season - and that includes your Christmas tree! To avoid any DIY faux-pas, follow our guide on what NOT to do, and have a laugh in the process.

10 Styling Ideas for your Home this Christmas

By Christie Blizzard On 2 Dec

Christmas decor is a great way to help bring magic into the home. Here are 10 top tips to decorate the family home with Christmas cheer - the children will love them!

12 DIY Christmas Decorations

By Penelope QuinnOn 25 Nov

You don't have to resort to buying cheap plastic decorations to bring yuletide cheer to your home. Here are 12 fantastic ideas to put a DIY twist on your tree, table and front door, that you're sure to want to keep for years to come!

20 Quick Home Styling Tips for Summer

By Penelope QuinnOn 6 Nov

Summer is the perfect time to give your decor a lift! But you don't need to spend heaps of money or get professional interior designers in to rid your home of the winter woes. Follow these 20 quick home styling tips.

Tips to Decorate a Small Outdoor Space

By Shaynna BlazeOn 29 Oct

Shaynna Blaze shares her tips for creating an inviting outdoor area when space is tight.

How to recycle CDs into a beautiful mosaic

By Penelope QuinnOn 16 Oct

CDs are going the same way as the VHS – but don’t throw them out, recycle them with this idea that makes the best of those magical hyperbolic rainbows!

15 Halloween Hacks to Trick Out Your House

By Penelope QuinnOn 9 Oct

It's a holiday steeped in tradition, but these days Halloween is simply a fun excuse to raid the fancy dress store. Throw a creepy party and indulge in some spooky fun with ideas that will give your guests ghostly chills.