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High Protein Meal Plan - Week 1

Get healthy and Eat Yourself Sexy with Daniela's meal plan, created by Emma Sutherland.

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  • Week 1 - Day 1
    Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs with grilled tomato
    Snack: 30g trail mix (sunflower seeds, mixed nuts, cranberries, Goji berries and raw cacao nibs)
    Fact: Trail mix is a great source of protein Sunflower seeds themselves are also a fantastic way to quell hunger and a great source of vitamin E and B1 Goji berries are full of antioxidants while raw cacao nibs are a healthy alternative to processed chocolate
    Lunch: 1 whole meal pita bread topped with 30ml pesto, diced tomato, spinach and mushrooms, baked for 10 minutes at 130 C
    Fact: Mushrooms are full of nutrients such as selenium, as well as phytonutrients, which may prevent cancer
    Snack: 60g plain yoghurt mixed with 14g flax seeds
    Fact: Flax seeds are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids
    Dinner: 150g baked salmon with light glaze of 3g ginger and 30ml water with zucchini and eggplant sautéed in 30ml of olive oil
    Fact: Ginger alleviates gastrointestinal issues and has anti-inflammatory compounds
    Liquids: 2L water and 150ml kale, apple, celery juice (see Energy Booster Juice recipe)

    Week 1 - Day 2
    Breakfast: 1 cup muesli mixed with ½ cup blueberries and oat milk
    Fact: Oat milk is rich in magnesium, the anti-stress mineral
    Snack: 5 strawberries and 15g pumpkin seeds
    Lunch: Salad of spinach, salad greens, cucumbers and 100g kidney beans
    Fact: Kidney beans are a great source of fiber and high-quality, protein Use extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice for dressing
    Snack: 30g trail mix and 1 apple
    Dinner: 150g grilled lamb with 1 cup steamed broccoli, zucchini and squash
    Liquids: 2L water and chamomile tea

    Week 1 - Day 3
    Breakfast: 2 egg omelette with30 g fetta and parsley
    Snack: 10 cashews and 1 apple
    Lunch: ½ cup boiled Quinoa with 1 cup steamed seasonal vegetables
    Snack: 1 cup carrot sticks with hummus (see hummus recipe)
    Dinner: 180g baked chicken with 1 cup pan-seared mushrooms and spinach
    Liquids: 2L water and 150ml kale, apple, celery juice (see Energy Booster Juice recipe)

    Week 1 - Day 4
    Breakfast: 1 cup Bircher muesli with ½ cup berries and 50g yoghurt (see Toasted Muesli recipe)
    Snack: 30g trail mix
    Lunch: 95g canned tuna sprinkled with lemon zest with lettuce and diced onions on rice cakes
    Snack: 1 apple and handful grapes
    Dinner: Salad of 180g grilled lamb, salad greens, olives, cucumber and 15 ml balsamic vinegar and 15ml extra virgin olive oil
    Liquids: 2L water and peppermint tea

    Week 1 - Day 5
    Breakfast: 100g plain yoghurt with 10 g flax seeds and 2 teaspoons chia seeds with 1 passion fruit
    Fact: Chia seeds are full of good fats, keep you feeling full for ages and promote regular bowels
    Snack: 2 rice cakes with avocado
    Lunch: Lentil soup - 75g boiled lentils mixed with 1 clove garlic, 1 medium chopped onion, 1 chopped carrot, 1 small diced tomato, shredded spinach and 500ml water
    Snack: 1 banana and 10 cashews
    Dinner: 1 cup squash, eggplant and mushrooms with ½ cup cooked brown rice, add Tamari to taste
    Liquids: 2L water and 150ml kale, apple, celery juice (see Energy Booster Juice recipe)

    Week 1 - Day 6
    Breakfast: 2 slices sourdough bread with 80g ricotta, 1 tsp honey and cinnamon
    Snack: 35g plain yoghurt mixed with 1 tsp chia seeds
    Lunch: 180g grilled chicken with salad greens and tahini Top with black pepper and Dulse flakes
    Fact: Dulse flakes are rich in iodine, a trace mineral that most women are deficient in and essential for a healthy metabolism
    Snack: 10 cashews and apple
    Dinner: 1 whole meal pita stuffed with 180 g chopped grilled chicken, spinach, cucumbers and 30g tahini
    Liquids: 2L water and dandelion leaf tea

    Week 1 - Day 7
    Breakfast: 1 cup muesli with ½ cup blueberries, 70g plain yoghurt and oat milk
    Snack: 30g pumpkin seeds
    Lunch: 300ml miso soup with bok choy, spinach and 100g chopped tofu
    Snack: 12 grapes and 30g trail mix
    Dinner: 150g grilled steak with 1 cup sautéed green beans and mushrooms
    Liquids: 2L water and 150ml kale, apple, celery juice (see Energy Booster Juice recipe)


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    is this work i m ean i"ve skinny body and i"ve digestion problem so plzzzzzzzzzz tell i wanna incerase my weight
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    Posted by Mim31 • 3y ago • Report
    My computer is not used to this much exercise, let alone me ... computer has crashed three times while I've been looking at Daniela's plan. I can't open the full 8-week meal plan, I get a little message about a file that cannot be fixed. Can you please advise? Thank you.