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8 Top Tips for Beginner Surfers

8 Top Tips for Beginner Surfers

The hot weather may have been and gone, however there's still plenty of time to fulfil your summer promise to learn to surf. To get you standing up on your board in no time, follow these 8 expert tips.

Why You Should be Lifting Weights

By Emma Charlotte BangayOn 6 Mar

Weightlifting is often associated with brawny men, not lithe, athletic ladies. But now, women everywhere are smashing that myth. Emma Bangay gets the lowdown on the benefits of weightlifting for women.

Commando Steve's Top 5 Training Tips

It's important to maintain focus in training sessions and not adopt bad habits. Commando Steve shares his top 5 tips to ensure you get the most out ot your fitness regime.

8 Ways to Maintain Your Fitness Motivation

Now is the time of year when most people start slipping with their fitness goals for 2015. While there's no 'magic pill' to staying motivated, here are 8 specific changes you can make, to keep you on track.

Top 10 Ways to Boost Energy and Blast Fat

By Libby BabetOn 5 Feb

Ready to get serious about your health but not someone who likes strict rules and guidelines, or too much thinking and planning? It’s your lucky day! Our fitness expert Libby Babet shares her secrets.

Resistance Training for Strong Bones

By Libby BabetOn 21 Jan

Exercise is important to help improve and maintain healthy bones, as well as benefit your overall health. Follow these top tips and workout ideas to help build your bone strength.

12 Tips for a Speedy Workout Recovery

By Libby BabetOn 21 Jan

Hate feeling stiff after a big workout? Our Fitness Expert Libby Babet provides her top tips to help you manage your muscle recovery.

How To Improve Your Cardio Fitness

By Libby BabetOn 21 Jan

There are so many ways to increase cardio capacity - running is just one of them. Our Fitness Expert, Libby Babet, provides her expert tips and workout ideas to help you boost your cardio fitness.

Maximise your Fitness with Fitbit's new Charge HR

There's a new way to beat your fitness goals this summer. Fnd out how you can maximise performance, maintain intensity and monitor calorie burn effectively.

How To Get Fit Quick!

Want maximum results for minimum effort? Obtaining your health and fitness goals for 2015 doesn't have to be a chore with these practical tips.

10 Weird Homespun Health Remedies

When you are faced with a health related issue, it's a trip to the doctor followed by the pharmacy, right? Well, some are prepared to put their health into their own hands with weird and wacky homespun remedies. Take a look for yourself!