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Low Maintenance Winter Garden Ideas

Low Maintenance Winter Garden Ideas

Don't let your whole year's hard work go to waste this winter when cold weather strikes your garden. Find out how to look after it here.

Green Walls and Vertical Gardens

By Charlie AlboneOn 21 Jul

Vertical Gardens are the must-have garden item of the moment. Our Gardening Guru, Charlie Albone, takes you through the pros and cons of getting your very own living wall.

Hoarder Heaven: Charlie's Transformations

By Charlie AlboneOn 2 Jul

Take a walk down memory lane and relive some of the gardening horrors from series 1!

How To Create and Care for a Terrarium

There’s a reason why terrariums have exploded in popularity. They are easy to maintain, can be planted in almost anything and make a real impact - perfect for the time poor and space-challenged. Here are are top tips to create your own!

Reject Row: Charlie’s Transformations

By Charlie AlboneOn 23 Jun

Take a walk down memory lane and relive some of the gardening horrors that resident gardening expert Charlie Albone had to overcome in series 1!

Building a Solar Dryer

By Paul West On 19 Jun

All you need is a simple homemade frame and the sun!

Why Grow Vegetables at Home?

Learn why growing good, healthy and chemical free vegatables is ideal!

Winter Lawn Care Tips!

Keep the life in your lawn over the cooler months.

How to Make Your Own Coldframe

By Paul West On 5 Jun

Want to keep growing your greens well into winter? The easiest solution is to build your very own cold frame.Paul west shows us how above!

How to Give Your Yard the Wow-Factor this Winter

Dan Piper shares his 10 garden tips for creating a wow-factor backyard, even in the cooler months

How to Plant and Grow Your Own Tomatoes

By Charlie AlboneOn 4 Jun

Want to grow your own tomatoes? Charlie Albone shares his top tips!