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Charlie's Top 5 Garden Design Tips
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Charlie's Top 5 Garden Design Tips

Get the best gardening ideas from the 'Selling Houses Australia' landscaper, Charlie Albone.

Learn How To Care For Citrus Trees From A Citrus Farmer

Meet the farmer-turned-juice producer who appeared on River Cottage Australia.

What to Look For When Buying Plants

By Charlie AlboneOn 18 Apr

Heading to the garden centre or nursery can be fun, but if you don't buy good quality plants they won't thrive in your garden - and that's not fun!

How to Create the Perfect Garden Bed

By Charlie AlboneOn 12 Apr

Well-planted and tidy garden beds add interest and street appeal to any home.

Learning Permaculture with Nick Ritar

See Nick on Episode 2 of River Cottage Australia.

Get a Stylish Garden with Pot Plants

By Charlie AlboneOn 29 Mar

How to get the most out of your garden with pots and planters!

The Basics of Fencing Maintainence

Maintaining fence lines can be a daunting task for beginners, but it’s an imperative skill to have. Armed with a few simple techniques and tools allows you to get the job done – quickly, cheaply and with minimal fuss.

How to Have Your Dream Garden

By Charlie AlboneOn 22 Mar

Charlie explains why it's so important to plan before making over your garden.

How to Pick the Perfect Hedge

By Charlie AlboneOn 15 Mar

Charlie from Selling Houses Australia guides you through picking the perfect hedge for your garden.

Lawn Care and Repair Tips

A good looking lawn is a great asset, but it isn't maintenance free. It does take some effort to look after it.

How to Tile Outdoor Steps

By Charlie AlboneOn 24 Feb

Tiling your old outdoor steps doesn't have to be done by a professional. Charlie Albone has some top tips to do it yourself.