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Warm Greetings to the community members.!!!

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Posted by jackicamReport
Hi William, welcome to the site. I'll cooperate too - but I'm not sure what that means either? So long as you're not selling knocked off bags and shoes that is ; )
Posted by UnclefayReport
William. You wanted us to co-operate with you. Please remove your web link from your posts. We do not want to buy things from you. We want to share recipes with you.
Posted by UnclefayReport
Welcome William. Not sure how you want us to co-operate, but we'll give it a shot. ;)
Posted by William60Report
Hello to all,

This forum is really awesome and a nice place to hang out. Well, about me, I am William Hayden, a newbie to this forum. If I have posted my introduction in inappropriate section, I apologise. I found this forum really very friendly where many types of discussions are made. I want to have a long term relationship with you people. So please cooperate with me and I hope I can enjoy my stay.

Thanks a lot.
- William.
Posted by William60Report
Hi all,

Many many thanks for greeting me and showing your interest on me. I appreciate the your warm welcome. Its my pleasure to meet you and hope to meet you all around.

- William.