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One can eat reasonably in Paris

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Posted by Parsichick • 2y ago • Report
Just returned from Paris where we had some outstanding dinners for around 90 - 100 euros for 2 people. La Boucherie Rouliere in Rue des Canettes serves an amazing cote de boeuf for 2 with bone marrow and frites. Their ravioli aux truffes for entree is to die for as well. Warning - the cote de boeuf could've served 3 people !!!
Posted by poison_ivy29 • 2y ago • Report
Wow, this is something to look forward to when I'm in Paris!
Posted by Jestin • 1y ago • Report
I find many inexpensive foods in Paris. First I usually go for my big food at lunchtime, one can often get a 2. or 3 course set choice for under 20 dollars. Also many bars offer simple foods of large food preparing salads or cooked snacks, for under 15 dollars.