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It's Party time!

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Posted by Jeff3691 • 4y ago • Report
What's not to understand? She wants to cook it in one place and transport it to another and have it still looking the same when it gets there.
Posted by Unclefay • 4y ago • Report
Precisely, Jeff.
Well turns out it was her husband's Police Graduation the day prior to her birthday so she didn't party up this year. I made her a hazelnut caramel flan with a chocolate ganache topping. when it's refrigerated it goes quite firm and I left it in the tin and it transported nicely. The flan is Very Rich and looks suitably special.
Posted by Jeff3691 • 3y ago • Report
Unclefay, I was asking myself the same question, obviously it's something that we really need to have. I'm sure that my life will never mean anything until I have kindled my honey in transportable lumps of squeezy dough.
Posted by Jeff3691 • 3y ago • Report
"You should make the sweet special dough and separate on the little pieces and then you should kindle the honey"

"And the main feature is that the shape will remain the same after the long transportation."

Sounds like an episode of Star Trek got mangled in a computer language translation program!!?

I suspect that cheap shoes and a free handbag might be involved!
Posted by Jeff3691 • 3y ago • Report
But what if it shape shifting from too many transportations? Not so squidgy then I thinking! Those dough lumps could go anywhere.
Posted by jackicam • 3y ago • Report
Yeah good thinking could end up looking quite obsene by the time it's ready to serve!
Posted by Jeff3691 • 3y ago • Report
We could have fun with this one forever and no-one would have a clue what we're talking about1 ;-)
Posted by jackicam • 3y ago • Report
Yep!! A never ending stream of fodder turns up whenever I log onto this forum. At first is was so annoying but NOW I see it's potential...
Posted by Jeff3691 • 3y ago • Report
The funny thing is, I'm a forum moderator but take a little guilty pleasure when lampooning these twits! :-)
Posted by Jeff3691 • 3y ago • Report
But when she are bad she are horrid and not transportationing without lumpy!
Posted by NH11 • 4y ago • Report
Is she after a dessert or a main?
We have a Xmas in July this weekend and I am doing crispy pork belly with caramel vinegar. I chose this as I can cook it the night before, carve it in the morning (as it is easier to do when cold) add the sauce to it at my sisters and re-heat. The sauce will keep it nice and moist.
If I make a dessert I usually do something that improves with age or something that you can pre-make and assemble later. That way the presentation does not get compromised. It may mean that you have lots of containers to remember to take home though.
Posted by jackicam • 3y ago • Report
It sound very good delicious (in all it's squidgy, lumpy glory)....don't you think is good? I am assured! I make long time for you :) You like?
Posted by Unclefay • 4y ago • Report
It's my daughter's 25th this year and she wants me to do something special for her. But it has to transport and still look good. What do the rest of you do in this situation?
Posted by Unclefay • 3y ago • Report
Jeff, where can I buy a honey kindler? Would accoutrement stock them do you suppose?
Each time I go to Woolies I get a free handbag. It's even waterproof and when I am finished with it, it makes a great bin liner!
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