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A clean home

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Posted by Tammi3Report
Cleaning is often hectic.Tell me which area of your home you finds it the most difficult to clean?
Well I mostly irritate when I have to clean the corners of the wardrobes.
Posted by Garbage RemovalsReport
I totally agree with you.
Posted by GreenbladesReport
Hey I totally agree with you.
Posted by Margaret182Report
Cleaning can be done smoothly if we have a maid at our home.I usually clean my kid's room as they make it dirty all the time....thanks to my maid...with out her i would have exhausted cleaning.... cleaning!!I hired her from a maid service company called molly maid. ( )
Posted by Carpet RugsReport
It's always the corner places at home, being not only for me, but for most us difficult to clean.
I agree with you. That is why I called Fair Dinkum Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control
to clean my carpet for entire home.
I agree with you too.
Posted by aubreyReport
I always clean the area where our shoes is located. it's usually dusty and smelly. So we put it in one corner of a vacant room on the second floor but its where we put also some of our clothes and where we have our clothes ironed and it becomes our semi dressing room/ walk in closet.
From time to time i turn on our air purifier to get rid of the smell and the dust especially if we are inside the room. This room is the hardest part to clean i guess..
Posted by Slip SafetyReport
I totally agree with you.
Posted by aubreyReport
Slip Safety wrote: I totally agree with you.
Have you experienced the same?
Posted by Always Fresh CarpetReport
Cleaning Carper is one of the most irritated job I feel for that I called Always Fresh Carpet to clean my carpet for entire home.
Posted by Eric18Report
If u clean your house firstly Attempt to delegate tasks. If you live with other people, cleaning the house should not be exclusively your responsibility! You may have to take on leadership by setting up a rotational cleaning schedule, but it's better than having to do this backbreaking work alone.
Posted by BellaJReport
To be honest I hate to clean the oven... with all the grease. But I will tell you my dirty little secret :) I use a professional oven cleaning company to do the job. I am happy, my husband is happy and I have more time for the kids.
Posted by GianaReport
Over time, our walls become dirty; it is the most difficult cleaning task for me. I can’t clean them with any products and yet microwave, hobs, stainless steel surfaces and refrigerator are very hard to clean since they don’t smell good.
Posted by Connor12Report
I heard that the best ally to clean thoroughly hobs and oven is lemon; a quick wipe of sponge is enough. And for the wall, I’ve got very nice tips, since we can’t use any products, just use potatoes.
Posted by GianaReport
Useful tips, I haven’t heard this yet but thinking about it, it may work perfectly. By the way, do you know any tips for luster? So that it would regain its splendor.
Posted by Connor12Report
The inside of loaf of bread is perfect for luster to regain its splendor.
Posted by GianaReport
Lots of thanks Connor, your techniques really work. How do you know that a loaf of breads is the best cleaner for luster? I haven’t heard this yet.
Posted by Connor12Report
Through books and magazines of all kinds, the most well-known is those of the health publishing company. I don’t know if you have already read this one “200 extraordinary handy hints and tips for your home” or not but it really helps, especially for people who have difficulties on households.
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