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    power outlets adaptors 

    what type of adaptor do i need in vietnam

    Best time to go to England and Paris, Rome,Spain 

    Hi I'am looking at going on a trip of of a life time around the same year my wife turns 50 .What would be the best time of the year to visit London, Paris, Venice, Rome, Maybe Spain and finishing with a trip to the Great Wall of China (Beijing ) with a stop overs along the way Zurich Swiss land. How long with out rushing it would be a good amount of time and when would be the best time of the year to do it, as some one has told me to go around August, September, October , as less crowded and possibly cheaper but i don't want to leave it to late in the year before it gets to cold. Regards James

    Keswick Island 

    Hi Fiona, Keswick Island just 12 mins Flight and 45 mins by Boat from Mackay. it is a Nature Island with a small community Cottage Accommodation feel . Thing to do there include many Nature activities Please check the Websites and I would be happy to take you on a tour and stay of the Island Regards Greg Chappell Chairman Keswick Island Tourism

    Albany, Western Australia-Eat, Sleep, Play 

    Hi Fiona, did you happen to check out the Albany, Western Australia Eat, Sleep, Play Facebook page while you were visiting Albany? We have close to 10,000 fans and around 80,000 reach. Hope you enjoyed your visit to Albany as we always get to enjoy it (lucky us). Cheers

    Budget travel 

    Hi. My family & I haven't seen much of Australia, let-alone the world... Where can you recommend for two young adults (male & female) and their mum to go on a budget? My mother loves gardens, markets and socialising; I like sight-seeing and events; and my brother just likes comedy and video games. Good luck and I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time

    Water Taxi Venice Harbour to Hotel 

    Hello Fiona, My wife and i need to get from Venice harbour to our hotel after completing our cruise next year. Should we book in advance or just wing it when we get there. Clive

    Visa for Bali 

    Hey I am heading to Bali for two weeks with my family and was wonder if it is better to get a visa before you go or at the airport and if a visa is required :)


    Hi there. I am stopping in Malaysian on a Malaysian Air flight to Paris, from Brisbane for 12 hours (6.30-6.30pm) and thinking of getting out of the airport and maybe heading into KL? I have another adult and 2 kids with me (7 and 9) so don't want it to be stressful, but it is a long airport wait. Do you have any suggestions please? Thanks

    Europe for Christmas 

    Hi there. I have booked 3 weeks away over Christmas with my gran and 2 kids (9 and 7). We will be in Paris for christmas and London for New Years. We have apartment in each. We want to absorb the festive times in these cities. Is there anything you recommend we should do to absorb the festivities? Thank you

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