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Fiona Harper

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Fiona explores the globe year round researching and writing about the best (and worst) of travel.

Fiona explores the globe year round researching and writing about the best (and worst) of travel.

About Fiona Harper

Fiona Harper is a freelance travel writer/photographer, copywriter, blogger and web editor based in Cairns, Australia. A freelance writer for close to ten years, she has a passion for travel, boating, the outdoors and soft adventure (think mountain biking, trail running, hiking, skiing, bluewater sailing).

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Hi I'am looking at going on a trip of of a life time around the same year my wife turns 50 .What would be the best time of the year to visit London, Paris, Venice, Rome, Maybe Spain and finishing with...

6 of the Best Reasons to Visit Tasmania's East Coast

By Fiona HarperOn 23 Apr

There’s a gazillion reasons to visit Australia’s largest island so it was no easy task to limit ourselves to just six. Travel writer Fiona Harper dons her hiking boots (along with a little black dress) to explore Tasmania’s east coast.

72 Ways to Have Fun in the Whitsundays

By Fiona HarperOn 23 Mar

The Whitsunday Islands have been on holiday-makers itineraries for eons. Once a backpacker mecca, with recent infrastructure improvements, downtown Airlie is reinventing itself. Backpackers are still flocking there while others are enjoying a level of sophistication. Travel writer Fiona Harper checks it out.

6 Reasons to Visit Outback NSW

By Fiona HarperOn 24 Feb

The great Australian poet Henry Lawson wrote in the 1890’s ‘if you know Bourke, you know Australia’. What he failed to mention is that Bourke is a heck of a long way from anywhere. Travel Writer Fiona Harper explores the great Aussie outback of NSW. So where exactly is Bourke? And what is to be found out the back of the place once you’ve found it? Wide open spaces and endless blue skies, as it turns out.

Eat, Play, Stay: Fall in Love with the Cocos Islands

By Fiona HarperOn 25 Jan

The Cocos (Keeling) Islands are a group of coral islands situated northwest of Perth in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean. Travel writer Fiona Harper brings you the best of this unspoilt paradise.