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We need help, we are stuck with our homes interior, I just can't see how I can make... 

We need help, we are stuck with our homes interior, I just can't see how I can make it the home I have wanted for ever. We have lived here in our home for close to 13 years and having very little money and a mixture of hand me downs and inherited pieces I can't see the wood for the trees. I just sit and look at what is making me feel really sad. I am so ashamed for people to come for what ever reason. I would love to have Christmas here but tour home just doesn't feel welcoming. Cluttered, yes, needing a new coat of paint, curtains etc. yes, needing HELP absolutely. We don't want to sell, like our quiet court position, but I have waited for ever to have the home of my dreams. Husband Andy, can't see my concerns. He was raised my a single mother who was raised in an Irish orphanage and he has accepts that at least we have a home we are buying, but I really want a home I can be excited about, proud of and not ashamed to have a neighbour enter instead of talking to them at the front door. I enjoy people's company but not in my home. We need help, can you give me some clues on how to go about achieving my goals for 2011. I turn 60 in July, my husband will be 45 in March, we are happy but I feel my needs are not being met in having a chance to be house proud, and being dutch it is an itch that must be scratched. Thank you for spending the time reading my communication. And I hope to hear from you soon. Have an amazing New Year

Answered Wednesday 29 December 2010

Hi Francein thank you for pouring your heart out like that - I am a true believer that your environment does have an impact on your emotional state and your frustration at not getting the house of your dreams seems to really affect you. As I have no idea what the house looks like or what choice you have in changing any furniture, accessories, painting or you have no budget at all I will get you to start at the beginning. Clear any clutter and take out what is not neccessary. Look at the individual items that give a bad feeling to you emotionally and put them in a box out of sight (if you can't get rid of them), do this for every room. Then sit down and work out what budget you have to spend and see if you can look at painting the interior (if you do the work yourself you can save a lot of money), changing some of the decor (window treatments, artwork etc). This is a great start to get you on your way. Cheers shaynna

Interior Design Expert

Shaynna Blaze

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