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lose wieght and get a flat tummy 

Hi Blake,
I am 22 years old and have a three year old and a nine month old. I am 65kgs and 162 cms tall. I want to lose ten kilos, however i am a stay at home mum, also running a business from home and have gall stones, please halp as I do not know what to eat or what exercises I can do with out argavating my gall stones.

Answered Wednesday 7 March 2012

Hi Chayne, When it comes to exercising the most important thing is to make sure you are assessed before you jump into it. My suggestion would be you get those gallstones attended to but ALSO see a specialist for a couple of sessions about your 'core'. For a large number of women they forget to start building their stomach muscles once they have had babies and it can lead to long term back problems. Good luck! Blake

Fitness Expert

Blake Worrall-Thompson

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