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Kurnell house 

Just wanted to get some more info on the daybed with the drawers underneath from the house featured in last episode of selling houses extreme.


Answered Saturday 23 April 2011

Hi Christine we made it from Laminex panels and it was custom designed to suit the space. A cabinet maker could do this for you and is a great space saver. Shaynna

Interior Design Expert

Shaynna Blaze

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HI Tracey they have a 20 year guarantee - Im sure if you saw some samples panels you will see how great it is. go to to find someone in... Read more

hiring furniture to stage a house for sale 

HI Rosemary we use Valiant Hire on the show and they do a great job   Good luck with the sale   Shaynna ... Read more

We cant seel our house!!! 

HI Adrian from the pics I see you havent done anything wrong - I think it looks fantastic and you have styled it very well for sale.  It comes then down to, was their a flood of houses tha... Read more


HI Colleen the labour on the tiles and timber flooring will be the biggest expense so that needs to be worked out before purchasing any of the materials.  Look at the houses you are compet... Read more

container house 

HI Harry if you go to this site  you will be able to get an architect to help you get it into action.  You need to of course stipulate your budget r... Read more

Monterey, NSW House - Supplier List  

Hi Katie all pics where purchased from United Artworks - you can purchase them online Cheers Shaynna ... Read more

Decorator Required 

HI Bruce I have a couple of consultants in the Syndey area If you can send an idea of what you are requiring to and we can see if we can help you 'to infinit... Read more

Painting in the Drummoyne Kids Bedroom 

Hi Hazel cute wasnt it!  It is from United artists and you will find them online Shaynna ... Read more


Hi Hazel I think what is happening is the door just looks like a panelling door form the 90's and not part of an original, older  style - if you changed the door hardware and the hinge... Read more

beach duplex reno 

Hi Chelle we have a service coming at my business where we do colour consult online - if you would like to contact and we can send you the package when we are ready... Read more


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