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How can I apply for Selling Houses Australia? 

Hi Andrew,
Love the show. I was just wondering how can I apply to be on Selling Houses Australia? I really need help selling my house!

Answered Tuesday 31 May 2011

Hi Melissa, Glad you enjoy the show. You can apply at this link Good luck! Andrew

Property Expert

Andrew Winter

Andrew believes if you haven’t sold your house within two months then you’re doing something wrong.

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Posted by • 2y ago • Report
Hello Andrew my name is Lleyton Boulton - Wright and i am 13 my family are going throw a bit of a hard time so can you please come to our house to fix it up we are really desperate and we need a lot of help with our house so we can move on to our new house and my mummy and daddy are stressing and I really want to help you can u please come to my house and my family loves your show.