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Hi Shayna,

I am really struggling with the decor of our family room. It is a great large room with lots of light and is overlooked by the kitchen which works OK. The problem for me is that the colour scheme is to some degree dominated by the corian bench tops and kitchen cupboards which are a very pale green, and the couches of deep burgundy. They actually go together reasonable well I feel that it needs something warmer and definately needs a 'lift'. The floors are sandstone and other furniture is timber. I really want to paint some colour on at least some of the cream walls, and to add some additional colour in accessories but I am at a bit of a loss as to what to try. Any suggestions. The burgundy is more pink based than brown based (but dark), and the green is blue based rather than yellow (pale). I would love to give the area a brighter, more modern feel.

Answered Wednesday 17 September 2008

Hi Sue there are a lot of elements in these rooms that would help me visually if I had a photo. From your description of the colours, the kitchen and couch are a complete contrast to each other which means they are both strong in presence and can fight each other for your attention. It seems like you need to add texture which will add just as much warmth as a colour. As your floors are sandstone and your walls cream your couch will look like a 'lego block' on the floor. You need to get a large rug in a similar colouring to the couch and make sure it sits just under the line of the couch. This will extend the colour of the couch and give more flow. Cushions with texture in a light tan will give more warmth rather than intruducing more colour. You can even find a throw or lamp with the colour of the kitchen doors as an accent so it brings a bit of the colour into the main room. Look at the sandstone floor and pick one of the colours in the texture vein and paint your walls in this colour. It will add warmth and make sure you are keeping within the palette of the floor. The main objective is to stop the barrier between the kitchen and the lounge and give them a link. I hope this gives you a start. Shaynna

Interior Design Expert

Shaynna Blaze

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