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Emma Hobson

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    From Attorney John Tony 

    Overdue Inheritance Claim Attorney John Tony, London-UK. +44 703 591 2006 Hello , I personally direct this e-mail to you in confidence for you and i mutual benefits with hope you will not disappoint me. My intention is to invest into real estates in your country base on your professional advice once you confirm to me that (£19,700,000) has been credited in your local bank account. I am Attorney John Tony. I live and work in London United Kingdom with my family.I am the Personal Attorney to late Mrs. Elizabeth Banks an American,herein after referred to as " my client". I represent the attention of my client killed with her immediate family in a plane crash on 7th April,2005 and I will like to consult the terms of asset of resources available to her. My client was a contractor to the British Government and had left behind a deposit of Nineteen Million Seven Hundred British Pounds Sterling only (£19,700,000.00 GBP) with a Bank here in the United Kingdom. The funds originated from bond transactions she executed in her registered area of business. I was contacted recently by her bank to provide her Next of kin; reasons being that her deposit agreement contains a residuary section giving her Personal Attorney express right to nominate the beneficiary to her funds.Unknown to the Bank here in UK that my client had left no potential trace of any of her close relative name with me, making all efforts in my part to locate her family relative proved to be unfruitful since her death. Note down from my client's own story, she was only adopted and her foster parents whom she lost in 1979, according to her, had no possible trace of her real family. By virtue of my closeness to the deceased and her immediate family, I am very much aware of my client's financial position. I do sincerely sympathize the death of my client, but had thought it unprofitable for her funds to be confiscated and reverted to the British Government treasury at the end of this year by the financial institution where the fund is presently floating. On this note, I decided to search for a credible person like you and was moved to contact you to put up a claim to the bank in that aptitude as the Next of kin/Will beneficiary to my client, so that the proceeds of her bank account valued at Nineteen Million Seven Hundred British Pounds Sterling only (£19,700,000.00 GBP) can be paid to you before getting confiscated or declared unserviceable by the Bank.Please bear in mind that you and I will share this funds on 50:50 basis once you confirm to me that the funds is in your bank account. Note that this is legal transaction and 100% risk free. It is not a hoax.I guarantee that this will be executed under a justifiable understanding that will protect you from any breach of law.As I said, I require only a solemn confidentiality in this transaction.Please kindly send me your positive response to enable us discuss further on this transaction and also to enable me forward to you my client available documents and secure the necessary legal documentations on your behalf which enable you get the legal backing to the claim and have the fund transferred to your bank account within 7 bank working days from the day I receive your current information as listed below. Your Full Name...... Phone Number........ Copy Of Identity.... Home Address........ Sex................. Occupation.......... I am looking forward to your co-operation in achieving this mutual benefits. Please call as I will be willing to speak with you. Respectfully. Attorney John Tony, London-UK.

    Bad skin = no cosmetic future?  

    I suffer from quite violent, red spots that mainly affect the areas around my chin and cheeks. On top of those, I can't quite seem to be able to rid myself of white/black heads! I'm hoping for a career in cosmetics in the future and I feel like I'd be laughed at. Is there anything I can do to help ease the appearance of my skin? I exfoliate twice a week, regularly moisturise and use Clearasil over-night serum. Please help?!? Thank you! xo

    red breakouts  

    I have really bad red pimple breakouts which leave scars on my face. I wake up with non red face but once I wash my face the red bumps appear and I notice new breakouts. I have tried poactiv, seacret etc but nothing seems to work. I just got ion dermologica 24hr products but so far no improvement on same. am I using the right product? my skin is very oily and by midday it's bad.

    Skincare vs laser 

    I am in my mid 30s with some scarring from acne as well as sun spots. Am I best to invest my money in expensive "brightening" skincare or in laser treatments? Thanks

    Acne Scarring 

    I suffered from acne in my early and mid-teens and went on the yasmin contraceptive pill to calm down the load. I am now 18 and I am left with slight pigmentation and red spots all over from where pimples once were. I have had a number of microdermibration and IPL skin sessions and they have helped a bit but I really wish I could find some thing to give me the skin I have always wanted. Please help me. I have been to so many places and tried to many different skin products but the scars are persistent and won't get off my face!

    acne scars on the back and chest 

    Dear Emma, I recently got a chance to view your website and am totally impressed. The problem i face is acne and its scars all over the back of my body and chest.I have undergone every possible treatments,but it reappears the moment I discontinue the medicines.I am very worried as my wedding is approaching.Please help. Thank you, Nimeelitha

    Skincare in your 30s 

    As a child I wore no skincare protection. I am 32 and olive skinned. I seem to now have dull skin, some acne scars and light brown blotches (near brows, mouth and nose) which I am wondering are sun or hormone marks? Can you recommend a good skincare routine? I currently use MD facial cleanser and Dermalogica sun day and night cream. Thank you

    puppet mouth 

    Hi Emma How can I reduce the puppet mouth effect?

    Dri body skin and dull and ageing facial skin 

    Hi Emma, I am glad I have this opportunity to ask you for advise on my skin problems. My skin is most neglected these days post pregnancy. I am postpartum 11 months and my skin doesnt seem to recover. It stays dehaydrated most of the time. I dont know if I have to blame it on the Sun, it is now Summer. My facial skin has lost all the charm and stays dull and lifeless. I am on medication for thyroid, hope this is not a reason for skin dryness. Can you please suggest a routine maintenance excercise which can revive my skin and keep me looking good. Also please suggest what needs to be done t stop early ageing. I am just 34 now. Please help. I value your advise very much. Also I have a wart sort on my nexk which grew during my pregnancy. This is very ugly and I would like this to be removed. Please advise. Thanks & BEst Regards Sree Lalitha

    skin colour  

    I have become interested in how pigment balanced, lets say, sandra bullock, has become over the years, she seems to have no freckles, even pigment, and clear skin more profound these days. I am becoming more freckled, probably because i notice these movies now, lol, also if possible can this look be mine???? i thought bleaching cream but now i think its laser work, which burns the top few layers of skin and heals back clearer.? Im not sure... please confirm my doubts..... thankyou Jaimie

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