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Emma Charlotte Bangay

Beauty Expert

Emma is an experienced Beauty Editor.

Emma is an experienced Beauty Editor.

About Emma Charlotte Bangay

Emma Bangay is an experienced Beauty Editor with more than 20 years experience writing for some of Australia's leading magazines, websites and brands.

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keiloid scars  

I kept popping a pimple and it eventually turned into a keiloid scar and it's very visible and red and raised and i've had it for a year almost. How do I get rid of it?...

Skin care for older women  

I find I have rough patches on my face and also a large scar on my lip. Is there anything I can do to help this....

Organic Make-up Brands  

Hi Emma, I'm not sure if you will know but I thought it was worth asking. I am currently in the process of converting all beauty products I use into organic/safe brands. I am currently trying to sw...

'My Premature Birth Inspired Me To Help Other Struggling Mothers'

By Emma Charlotte BangayOn 19 May

Premature birth is a life changing event for any mother - no matter what the outcome. Emma Bangay speaks to one mother who experienced a miracle, and hopes to help others.

Signs Your Friend May Be A Victim Of Domestic Violence

By Emma Charlotte BangayOn 17 May

How can you confirm that someone you know and love is a victim of domestic abuse? What should you – and shouldn’t you – do? Here are 14 points to take into account when you suspect domestic violence.

8 Tips For Flipping A Room In A Weekend

By Emma Charlotte BangayOn 10 May

Want to reinvent a space without the stress of a renovation? Micro-renos are the new trend when it comes to reinvigorating interiors. Here’s how you can make magic happen at home in just one weekend!

Everything You Need To Know About Volunteering

By Emma Charlotte BangayOn 10 May

It’s National Volunteer Week so if you’ve been thinking of raising your hand to help, here’s what you need to know.

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