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Dr. Ben Willcocks

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Ben Willcocks believes you can never learn too much about your pet.

Ben Willcocks believes you can never learn too much about your pet.

About Dr. Ben Willcocks

Dr Ben Willcocks is a Veterinarian, and a regular contributor to the pet website, This site is a free online resource and community developed by Veterinarians to provide current, reliable and relevant information for pet owners.

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i have a 4 yr old maltese shih tzu, we adopted him when he was 3 years old,  

he loves toys playing ,he has a lovely nature, but when he is any where near my partner he looks at me as the enemy ,he gets very possessive and wants to protect her, he has attacked me a few time...

litter issues  

Hi Dr Ben my male kitten is 7 months old. we also have another cat another male 3 years old. the kitten uses the litter tray but not all the time. I have put an extra litter tray in one of the locatio...

kitten toileting issues  

How do I ensure that the kitten only uses the kitty litter and not other areas of the house for toileting?...

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A Vet’s Perspective on the Cost of Pet Care

By Dr. Ben WillcocksOn 29 Nov

Dr Ben Willcocks provides his perspective on the cost of healthcare for our furry friends.