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Donna Hay

Cooking Expert

    Fussy Children Popular Dinners 

    Hi Donna, I have two very fussy children and was wondering what you suggest for easy, popular dinners that they might enjoy?”

    Cesear salad dressing recipe 

    hi doona hay -we just love your cooking show we never ever miss an episode -I have just come out of a breast cancer journey and you are my true inspiration that has made me get back into the one thing I love and that is cokking .there is one recipe I would like and that is your recipe for Cesear Salad Dressing(between you and me my husband thinks your great as well) thank you for helping me get back into cookibg again.....maria

    Dessert dilemma 

    I have been watching your show since the first episode and absolutely love it! However I notice that in a lot of the dessert or cake recipes you use almond meal. In my family they have a distinct aversion to nuts of any variety and particularly almonds. Do you have any suggestions as to what I could substitute for almond meal in these recipes? Thanks very much.

    i <3 apples!! 

    where do you buy your ingredients??


    Hi Donna Looking for inspiration for something healthy, filling and yummy for a hungry teenage boy when he comes home from school?? i love your show and whoever dresses you. Thanks Nikki

    creams & yoghurts 

    Hi Donna, Could you please help me with creams and yoghurts. I find it a nightmare when the recipe says add cream or yoghurt to your recipe. Which One!! Thanks

    Wrong Picture with Recipe 

    Hello Donna, Love your show (and so does my husband). Just wanted to let you know that the photo you have for the Baked Pumpkin & Sage Risotto is incorrect. Hope you can change it as I want to print the recipe. Thanks. Lorraine

    cook books 

    have you a cook book with simple recipes for 2 people lunchs and mains im the cook so has to be easy thank you

    School Report  

    Hi!! I am a student, doing food design in my high school. We have a project on you, so therefore i want to ASK YOU SOME question. Identify the area of design in which tDonna Hay works, Explain why the designer fits into this area of design. also how donna has contributed to the improvement of our lifestyle. can u pls help me!!! thnx!


    I was most upset/disappointed when i bought the Sunday Telegraph to find i was unable to purchase your DVD because i live in Qld. Could you tell me when it will be availible to purchase from a normal outlet. kind regards Helen. ps I love your show

Donna is no longer available to answer questions but please browse our archive of answers.