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DIY Christmas

Spruce Up Your Home for the New Year

Spruce Up Your Home for the New Year

Give your home a new look in 2014 with hints of bright colour and a statement piece of furniture.

Christmas Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Follow these top tips for a stylish Christmas from Interior Designer Darren Palmer to help decorate your family home on a budget!

How To Prepare Your Home For Painting

It is very important to prepare the surface for painting before you give your humble abode an injection of life this spring. With that in mind, the team at Kennards Hire have come up with some helpful tips to help you get the best out of your paint job.

5 Creative Ways to Decorate the Christmas Table

Celebrate in style this festive season with this guide to decorating your Christmas table.

How to Keep the Home Safe this Silly Season

Thieves see the Christmas holiday period as the perfect time for criminal activity.

I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Follow these top tips to keep your festive season as eco-friendly as possible.

How to Save Money on Christmas Gifts

Learning how to save money on Christmas gifts is simple if you arm yourself with some expert gift-buying strategies.

Tips for Being Green this Christmas

Being environmentally conscious is important all year, but being extra mindful around the holidays can save loads of waste from entering landfill.

What Will You Give Your Partner for Christmas?

Whether you spend a little or a lot on your loved one this Christmas, make sure you get them a gift to remember.

How to Make Your Own Bath Bombs

By Penelope QuinnOn 24 Nov

There’s nothing better than a long soak in the bath when pre-silly season madness starts to take its toll – and now, there’s even a better reason to get in the tub with these simple, DIY bath bombs.

5 Christmas Decorating Tips

Set a festive holiday mood in your home with these expert Christmas decorating tips and tricks!