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Diet and Nutrition

5 Minutes with George Calombaris
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5 Minutes with George Calombaris

LifeStyle FOOD spoke to the Aussie chef about his favourite BBQ feast, feeding fussy kids, and the power of simple whole foods.

Jennifer Aniston Reveals Her Breakfast Regime

Jennifer Aniston is the picture of health - and now we know why.

Gisele's Chef Reveals What The Supermodel's Family Will (and Will Not) Eat

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady's personal chef reveals what he cooks - and doesn't cook - for the supermodel and athlete.

Separating Fact from Fiction: 6 Food Truths

By Emma Charlotte BangayOn 4 Jan

Confused about whether sports drinks are doing you more harm than good? If chocolate is actually benefiting your health, or which part of a food label is most important? Food Scientist Wladimir Budnik defines fact from fiction when it comes to food.

Why You Should Never Count Calories Again

By Emma Charlotte BangayOn 4 Jan

When watching your waistline, carbohydrates - not calories - can prove the dietary culprits. But they don’t have to be if you choose carbohydrates in moderation. Emma-Charlotte Bangay takes a bite into the best.

9 Foods Trainers Avoid and Why

By Libby BabetOn 10 Dec

Summer is in full swing in Australia and when the beach starts calling, it’s time for a little kitchen clean-out! Here are 9 foods trainers avoid when they need to slim down, shape up and boost energy in time for an epic summer season.

Bacon and ham reportedly causes cancer

The World Health Organisation declares bacon, ham and other processed meats, to be causes of cancer.

The Spring Diet-Free Detox

By Emma Charlotte BangayOn 2 Oct

Detox can be a dirty word, but not when it's about introducing lovely foods when ditching the lacklustre ones. Here is your spring guide to detoxing – without going on a diet!

12 of the Biggest Diet Myths Debunked

Here we examine 12 of the biggest diet myths - and why common sense should always rein supreme.

Justine Schofield Shares Her Positive Morning Ritual

With the pressures of everyday life, it's all too easy for stress to take a toll on our body and mind. Here, Justine Schofield shares with us her positive morning ritual.

6 Surprising Ingredients to Boost Your Health

These oddly named ingredients that you might not have heard of yet, pack a powerful (and delicious) punch.