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Decking and Patios

Time to Get Decking

Time to Get Decking

Find out how to unlock the potential to increased property value

How To Build A Deck

Luke Van Dyck shows you have to build your own backyard deck.

DIY Concrete Pavers

Jazz up your outdoor area with these simple tips for custom-made concrete pavers.

Four Ways to Strengthen Your Deck

Four straight-forward ways to give your deck some added strength.

Verandah Makeover

By Shannon FrickeOn 11 May

Shannon revamps a verandah to create a new look and feel

Cleaning a Mouldy Patio

By Shannon LushOn 11 May

Shannon Lush reveals how to naturally clean a mouldy patio.

Dirty or Mouldy Timber Deck

By Shannon LushOn 11 May

Shannon Lush shares how to clean a dirty or mouldy timber deck.

Recycled Australian Hardwood

By Brendan MoarOn 11 May

Thors Hammer salvages timber from demolition sites around Australia.

Anston Pavers

By Brendan MoarOn 11 May

Anston pavers are handmade and locally produced using coloured Australian sands.