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How To Make your Own Coasters
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How To Make your Own Coasters

Add a pop of colour to your coffee table with these handmade clay coasters that are both super easy and inexpensive to create. Blogger Melissa Lu shows you how with this step-by-step guide.

8 Quirky School Holiday Activities on a Budget

The Christmas holidays are almost upon us, which means having to keep the kids entertained. We all know the silly season can cause a dent in our wallets, so we have come up with 8 quirky school holiday activities on a budget.

10 DIY Christmas Wrapping Hacks!

By Penelope QuinnOn 9 Dec

Give your wallet and the environment a rest this Christmas, by getting creative and recycling your wrapping paper.

DIY Presents for Christmas!

By Penelope QuinnOn 3 Dec

You don’t need to fork out hundreds to get into the giving spirit – there’s plenty of gifts you can make for minimal cost and time that will bring a smile to a loved ones face. Our craft expert Penelope Quinn from shows us how.

12 DIY Christmas Decorations

By Penelope QuinnOn 25 Nov

You don't have to resort to buying cheap plastic decorations to bring yuletide cheer to your home. Here are 12 fantastic ideas to put a DIY twist on your tree, table and front door, that you're sure to want to keep for years to come!

How to recycle CDs into a beautiful mosaic

By Penelope QuinnOn 16 Oct

CDs are going the same way as the VHS – but don’t throw them out, recycle them with this idea that makes the best of those magical hyperbolic rainbows!

15 Halloween Hacks to Trick Out Your House

By Penelope QuinnOn 9 Oct

It's a holiday steeped in tradition, but these days Halloween is simply a fun excuse to raid the fancy dress store. Throw a creepy party and indulge in some spooky fun with ideas that will give your guests ghostly chills.

Selfless Gift Ideas for Father's Day!

Looking for a Father's Day gift with a difference? Here are our top 5 ideas that will also help make a difference.

How To Make Your Own Adorable Felt Mice

By Penelope QuinnOn 20 Aug

Penelope Quinn shows us an easy and cute craft using fabric cut-offs that is sure to fire your little ones’ imagination!

Knit Your Way to a Better World

By Penelope QuinnOn 14 Aug

Looking for a new project to while away the final days of winter? Thanks to the Guardian Angel Knitting Program, we've got some lovely patterns to get your knitting needles stuck into - and you'll also be contributing to a great cause!

Awesome DIY Lampshade Ideas

By Penelope QuinnOn 4 Aug

If a touch of light and atmosphere is just what your home needs, but you don’t want to go out and spend a lot of money, then fire up your creativity and make your lampshades!