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Selfless Gift Ideas for Father's Day!

Selfless Gift Ideas for Father's Day!

Looking for a Father's Day gift with a difference? Here are our top 5 ideas that will also help make a difference.

How To Make Your Own Adorable Felt Mice

By Penelope QuinnOn 20 Aug

Penelope Quinn shows us an easy and cute craft using fabric cut-offs that is sure to fire your little ones’ imagination!

Knit Your Way to a Better World

By Penelope QuinnOn 14 Aug

Looking for a new project to while away the final days of winter? Thanks to the Guardian Angel Knitting Program, we've got some lovely patterns to get your knitting needles stuck into - and you'll also be contributing to a great cause!

Awesome DIY Lampshade Ideas

By Penelope QuinnOn 4 Aug

If a touch of light and atmosphere is just what your home needs, but you don’t want to go out and spend a lot of money, then fire up your creativity and make your lampshades!

4 Disney Inspired Craft Projects

Here are some fun crafty projects you and your kid can enjoy on those rainy days when it feels like there's nothing to do.

How to Build a Sandpit at Home!

A sandpit can be a great addition to the backyard, providing a place for the kids to play and enjoy the outdoors within the safety of your own home. Build one at home!

Create Your Own Geometric Wall Art

By Tara Dennis On 21 Jul

Deciding to incorporate the geometric trend into your home is easy. Learn how with this easy step-by-step guide!

DIY Paper Chains

By Tara Dennis On 7 Jul

Paper chains are easy to make and super cute. Learn how in a few simple steps!

Beginner's Guide to Knitting

By Penelope QuinnOn 27 Jun

The rewards of knitting go well beyond owning a lovely handmade scarf. In fact, science is providing us with plenty of other reasons we should pick up the knitting needles. Penelope Quinn shows us the basic steps.

How To Embellish Treasured Family Photos

By Penelope QuinnOn 11 Jun

Get out your needle and thread – because this is one of those ‘why didn’t I think of that ideas’ that will keep you busy all weekend!

How to Make a Snow Globe

By Penelope QuinnOn 27 May

Don't buy your snow globes from tacky tourist shops - make them yourself! A great craft for kids and big kids at heart, and you can make them from materials you already have around the house. Our craft expert Penelope Quinn shows us how.