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Cherie Barber

Renovations Expert

Cherie Barber personally renovated 26 properties and been involved in deals well over $50 million.

Cherie Barber personally renovated 26 properties and been involved in deals well over $50 million.

About Cherie Barber

Cherie Barber is a full-time professional renovator and highly sought after Australian public speaker. Born in an average working class family, Cherie grew up in Sydney’s Western Suburbs and was removed from school, against her will at the end of Year 10, in order to help her family make ends meet financially.

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Where do I start??  

I'm after a usable back garden. I'd like to see birds (an aviary), a couple of chooks, a vegie patch, some kind of water feature with statues and a night light display that is WOW! But what I don't wa...

Advice on fixing the ugliest house in the street  

Hi cherie Just wanted to start by saying what an inspiration you are. Your work is amazing and shows you truly love what you do. My husband and I have purchased a hideous property (thick gold fl...

Renovation consultation  

Hi Does Cherie do reno consultations on the North Shore, Sydney? If yes, when, how, and what is the price range? We have a cute cosy home but it needs 'refreshing'. Thanks. Nic...

How to Give Your Outdoor Area a Spring Renovation

By Cherie BarberOn 11 Aug

It may still feel like winter in many parts of Australia, but spring is just around the corner, which means it's time to get the outdoors looking shipshape, says Cherie Barber.

Surfing the World Wide Property Market

By Cherie BarberOn 1 Jul

The Internet is certainly not the Holy Grail of buying and renovating property, but it's a great starting point, says renovation expert Cherie Barber.

What Does a Bank Valuer Look for in a Property?

By Cherie BarberOn 4 Mar

Cherie Barber taps into her wealth of renovating experience to reveal 10 of the key things a bank valuer will be scrutinising in a property.

Secrets of a Budget Kitchen Renovation

By Cherie BarberOn 2 Oct

Have you been putting off making over one of the most important rooms in your house? Our Renovations Guru, Cherie Barber, provides her expert tips to help you reno the kitchen without breaking the bank.