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Blake Worrall-Thompson

Fitness Expert

Blake has a proven track record of helping clients transform their bodies.

Blake has a proven track record of helping clients transform their bodies.

About Blake Worrall-Thompson

Blake Worrall-Thompson is a health and fitness professional dedicated to helping his clients reach their full potential. In 2008 he founded ‘Ministry of Wellbeing’ to createan innovative and holistic offering in the field of health and fitness.

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Body transformation  

Hey Blake, I've read a few of your articles and I'd love to chat to you about my current project - I think it would make a great article. Basically, so many people want to get stronger or leaner a...


Hi Blake, I'm 48, 105kgs. I had a serious fall a few years back that saw injuries to my sholder and both legs, so I put on weight and now I struggle with excercise. My doc has suggested the local hyd...

Weight gain  

Hi blake I am a 37 year old male weighing approx 51kg.Just wondering about the right type gym workout to bulk and a diet plan I have tried over the years and failed.Could you please kindly help me to...

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