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5 Reasons to Use a Face Mask

5 Reasons to Use a Face Mask

While a daily skin routine will help keep your skin clean and clear, you should also treat yourself regularly to a facial mask.

Australia's 'IT' Girls and their Top Beauty Secrets

By Emma Charlotte BangayOn 28 Mar

Here are four of our hottest beauty industry exports, and their defining appeal (that you can steal!)

Top Time-Saving Beauty Tips

By Emma Charlotte BangayOn 24 Feb

Here’s my timesaving, life-saving Morning Beauty Wins to ensure you use that 90 seconds each morning, and emerge with happy, and half-decent look to show for it!

Hair Colour Trends for 2014

In need of a new look? Find out more about the hottest hair colour trends emerging in salons across the country.

Secrets from Australia's Top Hair Stylists

Australia's top hair stylists share their share secrets on handling frizz, dehydration and other common hair concerns.

Celebrity Skincare Secrets

By Emma Charlotte BangayOn 6 Mar

Emma-Charlotte Bangay uncovers the sore spots of celebrity skin, and how to treat them (sans photoshop.)

Celeb Haircuts: How to Get it Right

When it comes to choosing a new hairstyle, many of us follow trends set by recognised celebs rather than choosing a style that really suits us!

5 Anti-aging Benefits of Beauty Oils

It's not just the health industry spruiking the benefits of good-quality oils these days -- beauty companies are eagerly jumping on the bandwagon too.

10 Minutes with Megan Gale

By Kristy JohnsonOn 5 Feb

Kristy Johnson found out from the star and mum-to-be, just how she manages to stay looking so good.

Get The Look: Jessica Alba's Natural Waves

Want to know how to achieve Jessica Alba's gorgeous natural waves? VS Sassoon Guest Artist Brad Ballard shows us how!

Top Foods for Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails

Beautiful hair, skin and nails can in fact come down to something as simple as your diet!